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What Is A Deep Tissue MassageWhat is a Deep tissue massage? The human body has a musculoskeletal system that bears the body weight and helps in body movements. With age and sometimes other health issues, this system loses its performance, and one faces weakness of bones and different muscle injuries, stiffness, and strains.

For ages, thousands of different massage techniques being used to get relief from tendons, muscle pain, and stiffness in soft and deep tissues. One of the oldest methods is deep tissue massage therapy and also gets deep tissue vs swedish massage. It’s a therapy that is used to deal with tendons, bones, muscles, ligaments, and stiffness of muscles and sports injuries and for overall wellness. This technique applies gentle but forceful deep strokes on the affected area, which increases the blood flow and ultimately helps in reducing muscle strain and releases stress from the tissues.

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Swedish Massage VS Deep Tissue Massage

People often get confused between Swedish and deep tissue massage therapies. It is important to know your exact symptoms and to decide which massage therapy is good for you. Here we will have a brief look at Swedish massage vs deep tissue massage.

Swedish massage is one of the oldest and common massage therapy with a lot of health benefits. It works on the upper soft layer of muscles with soft, circular movements and gentle strokes to relieve and relax muscle tension and may help after an injury. The strokes are longer and lighter, which benefits relaxation and what is a swedish massage vs deep tissue. It is also helpful for those who have some sort of heart issues and hypertension, especially in women.

What Is A Deep Tissue Massage?

Whereas in deep tissue massage the intensity of strokes applied is more forceful and strong which helps in the deepest layers of muscles. As it applies more pressure on the muscles and deep tissues it is useful for releasing muscle knots, strains, injuries, and back sprains. What Is A Deep Tissue Massage guide is also helpful for chronic structural abnormalities and enables the correct posture of muscles.

Deep Tissue Massage Benefits

Deep tissue massage techniques are being in practice for a long. It is cost-effective and helpful for mental and physical health which provides relaxation, makes life easier, and handles different illnesses.

Some of the benefits of deep tissue massage therapy are,

  • Deep tissue massage is useful for those who want to get relief from stress and anxiety disorders at the workplace or home. It also helps in headaches, increases the level of hormones that are good for body relaxation. Furthermore, it also helps those who are having shoulder and neck pain due to hypertension. Such people can use shoulder and neck massagers.
  • Arthritis is very common nowadays, especially in mid-aged women. It is chronic pain and swelling of one or more joints. With moderate pressure of deep tissue massage it can be helpful to reduce pain, swelling, stiffed joints in arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis patients.
  • Deep tissue massage is used for treating chronic pains especially in the lower back and stiffed neck, loosens the muscle knots, and is also helpful in plantar fasciitis. It is found helpful in sciatica too.
  • Women mostly prefer deep tissue massage during and after pregnancy. It eases the tight muscles due to pregnancy and labor pain becomes less painful.
  • As high blood pressure often occurs because of tension and stress. Deep tissue massage helps in stress relief whcih you can get through the use of a hyper impact massage gun. which has a positive impact on hypertensive patients. It is also beneficial for maintaining a good heart rate.
  • People often opt for deep tissue massage after surgeries to break down the scar tissues. Deep tissue massage breaks down the scar tissues which improves lymph circulation and muscle stretching.

 Side Effects Of Deep Tissue Massage

Massage therapies are in practice since ancient times and are generally safe. Still, it is highly advisable to consult your doctor before going for massage therapy. As there are side effects of deep tissue massage for people with certain health and medical issues and What Is A Deep Tissue Massage.

  • Sometimes people face soreness after having a deep tissue massage which can be sorted out with cold towel therapy.
  • Women with high-risk pregnancy issues should also avoid or consult their doctor before having deep massage therapy.
  • It is not recommended for cancer patients especially for those whose disease is widely spread in the body.
  • Deep tissue massage is not for people who are taking blood thinner supplements or having blood clots.
  • Those who have skin infections should also avoid deep tissue massage as it will make them worse.


We can conclude What Is A Deep Tissue Massage is helpful who are facing deep tissue massage pain and muscle stiffness issues. It is also beneficial for athletes and gym-goers. It deals with hypertensive patients and also provides relaxation and decreases depression and anxiety issues. As every massage therapist is not specialized in deep tissue massage, always get a massage from a certified licensed and specialized therapist. Ask your doctor for recommendations if you are having any kind of medical history.


What happens when you get a deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage provides comfort and relaxation to your muscles, reduces chronic pain, and makes your life healthy. It includes deep slow strokes followed by forceful finger pressure to get into the deepest layers of muscle tissues.

What are the benefits of a deep tissue massage?

Benefits of deep tissue massage are,

  • Helps in sciatica pain
  • Reduces stiffness of muscles
  • Reducing arthritis pain and swelling
  • Reduce scar tissues
  • Helpful for high blood pressure patients

What are the side effects of a deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage comes with some side effects too, which are

  • Soreness of muscles for few days
  • Feels pain because of the deep pressure of fingers
  • Nausea
  • Inflammation
  • Headaches

Will deep tissue massage hurts?

Generally, it shouldn’t hurt. It causes some sort of discomfort because deep tissue massage is a more pressurized technique applied to the muscles as compared to the other massage therapies. Once you feel hurt during the therapy, tell your therapist right away.

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