Steady State Massage Gun Review Australia [2022]

You are searching for a good Steady State Massage Gun Review Australia? Confused about finding the best for you? In this article, you will find answers to your queries.

 As the market is trending with many brands and all of them are in high competition. This article will definitely help you out to find the best massage which will not burden your budget and helps in alleviating your muscle issues and strengthen them.

I am going to provide a review of steady state massage gun that has overwhelmed the customers. This will help you with product description, features, addons, and last but not least, about the price.

Some of us are workaholics and some of us are gym freaks. One of the biggest challenges is how to balance workload and manage time for gym or workout sessions.

Steady State Massage Gun Review Australia

The steady state massage gun is manufactured to bring comfort in your lives, make your recovery easy, optimize your health and make you fresh and active. To keep ourselves fit, sometimes we may experience soreness, knots, and pain in our muscles. Now you don’t need to be worried about all of such issues as a massage gun will give you relief, loosen your tight muscles, and increase blood flow, which ultimately keeps you healthy and fit.

Overview of Steady State Massage Gun

Why wait for more? Let explore it deeper.

As a fitness freak, I was looking for a massage gun that should be best in all ways, whether it’s from workout sessions or sitting long on a chair. out of many massage guns available in the market, I will give you a review of one of the best massage guns in Australia. Today I will review the steady state massage gun which has percussion massage therapy and can be used by everyone.

Steady state massage guns got popularity when it was recommended by NCB player Giannis Antetokounmpo who got recovery and relief from it. Another proud moment for the people of Australia, as this massage gun is designed, assembled, and manufactured in Australia, by registered Australian engineers this steady state massage gun will resolve your muscle issues, stress, and anxiety attacks through the use of different heads attachment.

Steady State Massage Gun Review Australia

Faster Recovery Steady State Massage Gun

If you need the fastest recovery, stress-free life, and better sleep, a steady state massage gun is your ideal device. They designed the steady state premium + after thorough research and it is top-notch quality as compared to other brands in the market. 

Do you have an office job? An athlete? Gym goer? Struggling with your unhealthy lifestyle and habits? Give a try to this massage gun, and I assure you will feel the change in your daily routine. Use it for at least 10mints daily, steady state massage guns will improve your sleep, relieve sore muscles, break down fats, and reduces inflammation.

Wait, hold on, let me tell you another thing about steady state. You can buy it now at the sale price. 

Something more? 

Yes dear, if you buy too there is more discount for you. Pick the phone, call your friend and place your order. Spoil your friend with such a worthy machine too. Enjoy the vibration therapy for overall wellness without burdening your pocket.

 Fatigue? Sore muscles? Stressed? Here is the solution

Place order and Steady State Massage Gun Review Australia will be shipped free at your doorstep. Without going out in this pandemic and make an appointment for your massage therapy, sit on your couch and enjoy the vibration therapy at your home. I assure almost one week.

Though the manufacturer offers a 30days money-back guarantee along with  2 years of manufacturing warranty, once you open the box and start using it, the product will speak for itself and you will feel the difference once use it for the 1st time.

Product Features

  •  Product name: steady state premium +
  •  Price $ 249.00 AUD instead of 498.00 AUD
  • 06 attachment heads
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • User manual guide
  • 100% carbon offset
  • Colors black and red
  • Carry case
  • 02 years warranty
  • Free worldwide shipping

Steady State Massage Gun Specifications

Want to know more? Need a more clear picture of a Steady State Massage Gun Review Australia?

Why not. 

14mm amplitude

Amplitude is a necessary feature in massage guns. Most of the cheap and low-quality massage guns have 8-10mm amplitude which is not sufficient to gid deep in the muscles. Steady state is providing 14mm amplitude which penetrates deep into muscles and releases muscle knots which a result increases the blood flow. It also reduces muscle soreness and stiffness.


What differs the Steady state massage gun from those on the market is the speed capability of the device. On average, the strokes per minute of the devices on the market ranges from 1500-3200. However, the Steady state massage gun has 4,000  percussion per minute (PPM) a significant increase from its competitors.

07 Hours Battery Life

It comes with a powerful battery that remains charged for up to 07 hours so you can use it for a longer duration without the hassle of recharging it again and again. Steady-state is continuously working on the newer technology and up-gradation of its products.

6 Adjustable Speed Levels

The steady state has six types of speed control options according to your convenience, It has the world’s 1st stainless steel attachment, which makes it durable and provides you relief at your utmost comfort zone.

2.8 lbs Weight

It has a 1.3 kg (2.8 approx) weight and a firm grip that makes it easy to handle and allows you to massage the lower and upper back, even at the back of your thighs.


Most of the massage guns have louder noise, which makes you irritate, especially when targeting shoulder and neck muscles. Steady state is one of the quietest massage guns, with almost 54 decibels at its highest, which makes it popular among consumers as one can use it while watching movies, or attending an online meeting, or having a phone call.

Pros And Cons

Massage guns are portable devices along with good battery life so that you can use them whether you are traveling, sitting behind your desk, or lying on your couch. 

Though steady state massage gun is a muscle-friendly and cost-effective device, still some have not had a good experience with it.

  • Cost-effective, budget-friendly

  • Less noisy so even one can use it in the office

  • 7 hours battery life

  • World 1st stainless steel attachments 

  • 6 attachment heads 

  • Aluminum brushed grade

  • Strong oscillations

  • Delay in delivery( which maybe because of this covid-19 situation)


A perfect companion for your daily use.

Overall the Steady State Massage Gun Review Australia has positive reviews from its customers. Most of the NCB players give 05 stars to this product. It has great value for money as at such a price it is hard to find a good durable massage gun. With an amazing battery and 6 attachment head that will provide relief to your stiff and sore muscles, makes you feel better and active.

After using it personally I highly recommend it for the fastest helps in releasing your muscle knots, increases the blood flow, decreases lactic acids, and breaks up scar tissues. Gives you a feeling of ease and sensation during vibration that ultimately gives you the feeling of joy and relaxation.


What are the best massage guns to buy?

Many brands are available in the market with different specifications and price ranges. I personally recommend steady state massage gun because it is a durable product with high-quality specifications and economical price.

How long and often do you use a massage gun?

It depends on the severity of your problem, but I recommend not use it continuously for more than 2 minutes on a particular tissue or area. If the muscle issue is severe you can use it twice a day, but in a normal routine, once a day is perfectly fine.

Can a massage gun fill in for your therapist?

Actually yes, massage guns are designed in a way that can keep you away from the hassle of making appointments, visiting therapists on daily basis. It sorts out your muscle issues and with different attachment heads can provide relief to small muscle groups too.

Also, you have to invest once, while in the case of a therapist one has to pay for every visit which is not economical.

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