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How To Use Massage Gun HeadsMost of us have the misconception that gym-goers or those playing sports can only How To Use Massage Gun Heads. The fact is that massage guns are helpful for anyone who has muscle-related issues, body pains, and soreness. Put it on the particular area and the machine vibrates, which increases the blood flow, releases muscle knots, and reduces inflammation and soreness, and massage gun heads usage.

Mostly massage guns come with five different heads, each of them has a different use. People may get confused when they buy massage guns, open the box and find different heads because most of them don’t know how to use massage gun heads. Here we will have a look at the heads of massage guns and their functions.

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How To Use Massage Gun Heads

Massage guns are handy to use and budget-friendly. They help to improve the flexibility of your muscles. What else do you need when having a device that can solve all of your muscle issues whether it’s aches or soreness and knots in muscles. You can buy any massage gun of any brand of your choice, but almost all brands have these massage gun attachments.

As massage guns come with 6 or in some brands more than 6 attachment heads, you may face difficulty in what massage gun head should I use? Though a massage gun came with a manual book, still for your convenience I am going to enlist the massage gun heads along with its specification so that you will be able to know what massage gun head you should use for better results.

When you buy a massage gun, you find 6 different attachment heads for different muscle groups. Selecting the right piece is necessary to get the best results. To answer your question about what head should I use, here is the detailed view of every head attachment.

Have a look at every attachment and massage gun head use.

  • Round Head

Massage gun techniques come with two round massage gun heads explained made of softened/foam material, i.e. big round head and a small round head. The big round head specifically targeted the larger muscles, e.g., hamstring, glutes, thighs, and quads. We used this attachment for muscle soreness. While we used the small head for smaller muscles like shoulders, neck, and upper back.

  • Bullet Head

Bullet head attachment is good for deep tissue muscles, calves, arms, toes, and joint muscles. It has deeper intensity and is helpful in releasing muscle knots and triggering specific points. Though it is also recommended for beginners to use with proper care and not more than 15sec in a particular area.

  • Fork head

How To Use Massage Gun Heads? This attachment has two heads and is good for neck and spinal pain. It is helpful for those who have tight muscle knots, pain in the lower back. Forkhead attachment can be used on ankles and feet for blood circulation and flexibility. It has immense results in releasing the tension of muscles, though we suggest that avoid it on bony muscles and directly on the vertebral area.

  • Padded Round Head

This attachment is good for sensitive muscles and bony areas. As this attachment comes with a padded head, it is most suitable for sensitive muscles, including wrists, spine, and upper neck. It reduces the soreness of muscles and provides relief to the soft-tissue muscles.

  • Flat Head

Flat massage gun heads attachment is hammer-shaped and used for dense muscle groups like calf and biceps. It is good for bulky and achy muscles and makes the movement easy.

Massage Gun Attachment Uses

A massage gun attachment is a great tool that can be used to give a friend or family member a relaxing and refreshing massage. It can help them feel better after physical activity, stress, or illness. Massage guns are also an excellent way to keep fit by giving yourself regular massages! They can be easily stored in your home and even taken with you on vacation if necessary!

A professional massager should never use their massage gun directly on the joints or bones. In order to avoid injury, it is important that they move slowly around muscle area in a circular motion going at different speeds depending upon what you need most from your session- with its fastest speed reaching over 3300 RPM, this device provides more soothing power than even some oils!


We suggested before using any brand How To Use Massage Gun Heads, read the instructions carefully or watch videos available on youtube for further help. Do not use massage guns if you have any kind of medical history or recent surgery. Start the machine with slower speed and gradually increase the speed as per your comfort level. Furthermore, we also advise you not to use it on any specific area for too long as it will cause bruises.


Where should you not use a massage gun?

Massage guns should not be used on nerves, joints, and bony areas. It is specifically designed to release muscle tension and reduce soreness and inflammation.

What are the different massage heads for?

Mostly the massage guns come with 5 different massage gun heads:  

  • Round head for hamstrings and quads
  • Bullet head for trigger points like hands and feets
  • Fork head for lower neck and around the spinal area.
  • Padded head for sensitive and bony areas like wrists and upper neck.
  • Flat head for body massage, shoulders, and denser muscles.

How do you use a percussion massager?

It should be used with moderate pressure avoiding bony areas. Do not hold it for long on a particular area, rather rotate it with a medium speed or it will cause damage.

How do you use Theragun heads?

Theragun is designed to provide relief and reduce the stress of the muscles and helps in repairing tissues. Like any other massage gun, theragun also came with different kinds of attachment heads. 

How to use theragun massage gun head attachments?

Theragun massage gun has six types of head attachments which are:

  •  Thumb: which is mostly used for lower back
  • Standard ball: recommended for large muscle groups
  • Dampener: for sensitive and bony areas.
  • Wedge: suitable for shoulders and upper back
  • Large ball: for hamstrings and quads
  • Cone: for smaller muscle groups.

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