How To Massage Sciatica Trigger Points | Types Of Massage

How To Massage Sciatica Trigger PointsImagine (as a healthy person) that you are facing severe pain in your lower back and legs while getting up from the bed and that pain is severe as hell. This is what people with sciatica pain face. It occurs when a nerve from the buttocks to the feet gets strained. People with sciatica pain often face difficulty in standing or walking.

Some of them experience a sudden blow of pain and it causes them to deal with anxiety as they never know when the pain will hot again and How To Massage Sciatica Trigger Points.

Sciatica pain goes off the shores in a couple of hours, but the patients have that continuous fear that kills their morale. Of course, there are some treatments available, but it depends from case to case. Most people go for massage therapy as it has many benefits. People want to know how to massage sciatica points.

There are many types of massages, but the question is which types of massage are suitable for which specific trigger point? How do people perceive it, how does massage help relieve sciatica pain, and are there any harms of massage to sciatica patients? We will try to cover all these today.

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What is Sciatica pain?

As mentioned in the above paragraph, it is compression, swelling, or dislocation of a nerve in the lower back. It’s called Sciatic neuritis in medical terms. Common symptoms of sciatica pain include mild and sometimes severe pain in the lower back which goes down the leg. This leads to difficulty in movement especially while getting up from a lying down position. The patient feels like someone is inserting needles into their back and legs.

 Causes of Sciatica Pain

How To Massage Sciatica Trigger Points may be caused by some illness or trauma. Ninety out of hundred cases of sciatica are due to pinching of the sciatic nerve in lower back discs which causes severe sharp needle type of pain while maneuvering. The pain is also caused when the pressure points get damaged due to intense work (weightlifting in the wrong way) or wrong posture habits.

Most women experience sciatic pain in their pregnancy because the baby in the womb is tapping compression on the sciatic nerve. Piriformis muscles is a narrow muscle in the lower back which helps in movement of thighs and legs. Sometimes it becomes rigid and causes compression for the nerve which leads to severe pain in the leg and lower back. This condition is common in men, sometimes in women, and found in children as well.

Treatment of Sciatica Pain Through Massage

Massage treatment is an effective way to relieve pain. It is found out with the studies that deep tissue massage (particularly talking about deep tissue massage for sciatica helps more actively than using painkillers or other medications.

One of the benefits of massage in terms of massage for sciatica pain in buttock is that it helps in soothing muscles. Sometimes sciatica pains occur due to stiffness of muscles which causes disturbance in the sciatic nerve.

How To Massage Sciatica Trigger Points | Types

Swedish massage

Swedish massage is not only helpful in realizing the pain, but it is also helpful in common relaxation. IT focuses on acupressure movements on connecting tissues. This technique releases the pain, a person feels relaxed and there is an increase in blood flow as well.

Deep tissue massage

This type is one of the most used techniques to relieve pain. The reason is that it targets the trigger point massage for sciatica. It is a bit hard method as it focuses on targeted sciatic nerve pressure points in hand using hands and fingers with small strokes. The best way to use deep tissue massage for sciatica is by practicing it for thirty minutes five days a week. This shall continue for two weeks and you will find its noticeable effects on your back pain and contracted muscles.

Neuromuscular massage

Neuromuscular massage is an advanced technique. It is a combination of deep tissue massage and friction that helps release tension and soothing contracted muscles.

Other Methods Of Sciatica Pain Massage

There are some other methods as well but they are not directly related to sciatica pain. Other than massage therapy by hands, massage therapists and physicians are now using massage guns to cure sciatica. It helps in triggering the focal points. Furthermore, you can also adjust the frequency of the massage gun according to your need.

The massage gun applies pressure on the targeted area through vibrations. These vibrations help in releasing rigidness and stress from the muscles. One of the reasons for soreness in muscles is due to lactic acid. Massage guns help out in soothing the muscles and the blood flow is increased in the area which causes relief from pain. The same method goes with sciatica where the patient feels improvement after two to three sessions.

Massage Can Make Sciatica Worse

While using a massage gun for sciatica, some key points should be kept in mind. The reason is that the trigger points for sciatica are very sensitive and wrong massage can make sciatica worse. Therefore, use the massage gun properly so that it can help you out instead of causing any damage.

  • The first key point to note is that you will set the depth and speed of the vibrations of the massage gun according to your requirement
  • Put the massage gun on the sciatic nerve How To Massage Sciatica Trigger Points.
  • Let the massager do its work: don’t compress it down on your body
  • Give at least ten to fifteen minutes to each targeted area and let it float on the muscles
  • Take deep breaths. Believe me, you’ll feel so much relaced.
  • Always follow the instructions of the therapist or your physician


With a little knowledge and some time, you can give yourself a self-massage to relieve the symptoms of sciatica pain and know about How To Massage Sciatica Trigger Points. Sciatica is usually treated with analgesics or surgery in hospitals but if that’s not an option for you then try these simple steps at home. First, find your piriformis muscle by feeling around on the top of your buttocks near where it meets your spine.

Once found, apply pressure from side-to-side across this area until there is relief from the pain. Now work along one buttock towards its outside edge while keeping contact with any trigger points located deep within the tissue all along this way too. A third technique involves using light circular strokes over either side of each gluteal muscles


Can Massage make sciatica worse?

Massage surely helps reducing stress and relief pain in the case of sciatica. It will result in quick improvement and relaxation when it is done properly in the right way. But it will damage and worsens the case if not handled properly and without the right guidance

Is a deep tissue massage gun good for sciatica?

A massage gun helps in soothing sore muscles and increase blood flow which results in relaxation and release from pain. Using deep tissue massage on sciatic trigger points relieves the surrounding muscles of the sciatic nerve thus results in release from pain and relaxation in the body

Can massage guns help with back pain?

A massage gun is used to relieve pressure and stiffness from muscles. It does help in reducing back pain. But it is recommended to consult your therapist or the doctor before using it yourself.

What should you not do with sciatica?

You should avoid those types of physical exertion which can cause stress in the lower back. You should also avoid lifting heavyweight or if you have to do, warm up yourself first. Try to sit and stand properly with the right posture and do not sit for more than twenty minutes in case of pain. Do not go for bed rest for a longer period. You should also be careful about keeping your spine straight, do not twist it too much.

How should I lay with sciatica?

You should lie straight on the bed. Keep your feet and buttocks inline the bed. You can also put a pillow between your legs under the knees for more support. After a few experiments, you will find a comfortable position for yourself but do not try to make swift moves. Do it slowly and gradually.

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