Healsage Massage Gun review Australia 2022

Healsage massage gun review: In today’s lifestyle and busy working life, massage guns are becoming a necessity. Massage guns are not only required by athletes or fitness freaks, but it is also beneficial for almost every individual. With the rapid growth in the manufacturing of massage guns, different massage guns are introduced in the market. While searching for a good massage gun, you should be well aware of brands, along with their prices and specifications. 

In this modern era, we all depend on the internet whether it is information, guide, review, or buying and selling of anything. You can find all the relevant information and feature guides about massage guns on the internet, from price range to features and specs.

Here we will review the healsage massage gun which is getting popular in Australia with each passing day.

Overview of Healsage Massage gun

The good news is for those who used to visit the spa and had physical therapy sessions but due to quarantine, it is difficult for them to manage the routine. Healsage massage gun is the enhanced version of a healsage mini-massage gun. It is a percussive massage therapy that will sort out your muscle and fatigue issues. 

What differentiates it from other brands is that it comes with 4 types of vibration therapies. It also has 6 multiple attachment heads to massage each muscle group. Normally the massage guns are noisy but the good thing about healsage massage gun is that it is less noisy. 

Even after the overview of the healsage massage gun are you still hesitant to buy it or not? No worries, let’s have a detailed review of its features and specs.

Overall it is a good and durable machine that is effective for pain relief, sore muscles. It also covers the small muscles of your body like the back of the knee.

Healsage Massage Gun review

Features Of Healsage Massage Gun Australia

  • Percussive stroke length of 12mm
  • Intensity ranges from 900 rpm to 3200 rpm
  • 4 different modes of vibration sets.
  • 6 attachment heads
  • User manual.
  • Moneyback guarantee for 30days
  • 12 months warranty
  • 6 hours battery life
  • Quietest machine with silence level of 42db
  • Adjustable speed levels.

Heads of Healsage Massage Gun

 6 head attachments in such a reasonable price? Arent you jumped from excitement? These detachable heads will cover all the muscle groups of your body and you will get relief from almost all of your muscle problems.

  • Spine massage head

It is a U-shaped massage gun that is perfectly designed to give you a delicate massage for soft tissues around the spine and relax your neck muscles.

  • Bullet head

Ever you heard how deep a bullet from a gun goes deep in muscles? Well yes, you are right, this attachment head acts in the same way. It will penetrate deep and release  Tight muscle knots and soreness.  

  • Flat massage head

You will say every massage gun has this attachment. What’s the difference? Well, hold on, what differs it from the other massage guns is its battery life and vibration methods. It is specifically designed to apply and target all muscles of the body without having any fear. What else you can get at such a price? Grab it and be a happy camper.

  • Round head

This head is for the larger muscle group including the back of your thighs. Healsage massage gun has the best reviews for this attachment head as it soothes your muscles and alleviates soreness of muscles without any hassle and difficulty.

  • Small round head

Well who said there are no more heads? I said 6 attachment heads. Excited to know more? Are you looking for something to treat your ankles, knees, arms, and toes? Stop searching now, this head is for such small muscles to treat them and to give you the best possible relief.

  • Cushion head

Good news for those who are lazy, find it difficult to go the gym or any workout. Get up all of you. This detachable attachment will take away your laziness, warms up your body, and makes you active.

Vibration Types 

Let me paint the town red for you. Whoa, more features? Yes, you will be full of joy. What makes the healsage massage gun different from other brands in the market is that it comes with 4 different vibration heads.

  • Wave mode

This mode will provide you with a mix of relaxation and massage. You can enjoy both simultaneously.

  • Fadeout mode

Fadeout mode is specifically designed for sensitive muscles. As its vibration is lesser in intensity and gives you a soothing and relaxing effect.

  • Al mode

This is the key feature of the healsage massage gun. It has its own sensor technology which can control and adjust the vibration in case you put extra pressure on your muscle and avoid bruises 

  • Crescendo mode

The name reflects its work. What, you don’t know what crescendo means? Well, it means a gradual increase. Now you must be clear about this vibration mode. It is a deep tissue vibration therapy that increases vibration when you press it hard against muscles. I recommend it for those gym-goers who have a tough workout session.

Design of Healsage Massage Gun

The review will be incomplete if I will not tell you about the handy design of the healsage massage gun. 

  • The manufacturer specially focused on the handle of the healsage massage gun as it is the base of any massage gun. It has a durable handle with a silicone grip which makes it easy to hold. What if you buy a massage gun and it has not a comfortable grip and will have pain in ur wrist area?
  • It has a control panel aligned at the top with the detachable heads. Hold on, yes all the massage guns are with a control panel. What makes it unique is that it comes with a sleek touch screen system. Isn’t it worth it now?
  • As described above healsage massage gun has a distinct feature named ‘HealPlus Al’. this is specially designed to automatically switched modes from low to high or high to low vibrations. 
  • Healsage has a multi-functional automatic system for turning on and off devices and adjusting the vibration modes.
  • Do Massage Guns Really Work

  • Quietest noise

  • 4 vibration types( which is a distinct feature which other brands don’t have)

  • 30 days money-back guarantee

  • 1-year manufacturer warranty

  • Comes with a carrying case which makes it safe and easy to carry

  • Percussion massage therapy for intense and stubborn muscle knots

  • Economical price

  • Long-lasting battery works for 6 hours once fully charged

  • It has a wall charger, but still one can buy a separate charger which is not expensive at all.

  • Attachment heads are not easy to adjust


As the healsage massage gun is an Australian manufactured product, it is available within your country in such an economical price one can easily afford without putting an extra burden on his pocket. I hope and I am sure after reading this review your confusion will be crystal clear and you learned a lot about healsage.

In this pandemic, healsage is a machine you will regret not buying as it provides you with maximum benefits and helps you in physical recovery. It is such equipment that will undoubtedly sort out your deep muscle issues, ease your stress. It is approved scientifically that vibration therapy is helpful against DOMS (Delayed onset muscle therapy) and gives you a speedy recovery.


Can the battery actually lasts for 6 hours?

Yes, the healsage massage gun comes with a quality battery life. Just make sure to turn off the device every time you use or it will affect the battery life.

How do I know if a massage gun is a right tool for me?

Although healsage massage gun is designed in a way that it is safe to use on every muscle group to sort out aches and gives you ultimate relief, but still I recommend you consult your physician if you had a recent surgery or any bone issue. Avoid using it on bony parts, face, and soft tissue of the neck.

Why is vibration better than hand massages? 

Vibration therapy with a massage gun can target and heal the deep stubborn tissues and alleviates knots and inflammation. You can use it without the help of anyone and can adjust the pressure as per your comfort level which is not the case in hand massage. You will always need a therapist to do the job, also sometimes by putting more pressure on your hands can cause swelling.

Is there any warranty for the gun?

Yes, the healsage massage gun comes with a manufacturer warranty of 1 year. I recommend you should keep the purchase details ( invoice or receipt) to claim the warranty in case of damage

How long will I get back my repaired goods?

Depends on the damage and repairing situation, but it normally took 7-14 working days.

Is healsage noisy?

No, not at all. It is quite a calm machine as the manufacturer claim. People who are using it are enjoying using it as it is not creating noise pollution which irritates most of the time.

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