Are Massage Guns Worth It In Australia?

Are Massage Guns Worth It In AustraliaWe are here at Are massage guns worth it in Australia? Nowadays almost every other person is suffering from muscle soreness and pains regardless of age. In hectic and busy schedules, relaxation is a luxury that must take time. Massage therapy is an excellent way to get just that. However, routinely visiting a therapist to meet our needs is not only pricey but can be quite difficult with those who live a busy lifestyle.

With time and the advancement in technology and innovations in the fitness and health industry, massage guns really work and helpful in reducing severe pains and providing comfort. Using massage guns or percussive massage therapy has become the most growing product and is in high demand in the last few years. As we are discussing it in the scenario of Australian people, our main focus is that are massage guns worth it in Australia.

Massage Gun Australia are mostly cordless handheld gadgets with rechargeable batteries, allowing for the convenience of carrying them around at one’s pleasure. On the top head, it has a round-shaped ball that works when pressed on the muscle area where one is experiencing pains and allows the machine to do the work.

How it works is that the machine pulsates vibrations, allowing for the decrease in the soreness and tension of muscle, boost the blood flow and help in recovering. This is very appealing to those who are active, as post-work-out sessions result in muscle soreness. 

Are Massage Guns Worth It In Australia?

In recent pandemic situations, the whole world is facing lockdown issues including Australia. when massage centers and spas are closed because of lockdown, it has become increasingly difficult to go out for massage therapy. Hence, hand-handled massage guns are highly in demand. But are massage guns really worth it in Australia?

According to different research conducted, massage guns are extraordinarily helpful in tightening the hamstrings, calves, and fascial tissues and providing relief to those suffering from back pain. According to the consumers, it is significantly cheaper than professional massages.

Especially as it is gaining popularity amongst athletes, runners, and active individuals. Furthermore, it is also helpful for those who have long working schedules and need a facial way to relax without leaving the comfort of their own home.

Some of the results show those who are using massage guns regularly are relieved from pain which ultimately reduces the stress and anxiety level. The regular use of a massage gun makes the stretching of muscles easy for hard exercises.

How Does a Massage Gun Work?

Once we come to know that massage guns are helpful in many ways. Do we have to check that how does a massage gun works? Massage guns or percussive therapy that strike your muscles in quick progression, assisting one with recuperating quicker. It increases blood circulation and also soothes muscle pain, provides warmth, and enacts muscles before and after exercise sessions.

Conductive research has shown that for those who use massage gun therapy and are massage guns worth it, there is a reduction in delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and may improve short-term muscle length. Hence, massage gun therapy is specifically designed to be used as soon as one experiences sores and avoid scheduling appointments at a clinic especially when living through a pandemic. This allows for immediate aid in muscle recovery post-workout.

Which Massage Gun Should You Buy?

Different varieties and designs are available in the market with different price ranges. Do you need complete guidance and proper research on which massage gun should you buy? Are Massage Guns Worth It In Australia? Prices vary from $100 to $900 according to the specifications and attachments. To select which massage gun to buy, one should be clear about his/her needs and requirements.

Which Massage Gun Should You Buy

  •  Rendering to some experts, the weight and design of the massage guns are important, so while using them will not put stress or discomfort on your arm.
  •  Massage guns that are less noisy and work in-depth of the tissue muscles are highly recommended. As massage guns are costly, I recommend you conduct your research on what you are looking to target and your budget.
  •  It comes in different sizes, some of them with adjustable handles to reach certain parts of the body. 
  • Massage guns are cordless battery operated, it is recommended that battery life should be good as it is a hassle to charge it after every time using it. Some of the massage guns also came with swappable batteries.

Are Massage Guns Safe?

  Many people have question arises in their minds are massage guns safe. Well yes, but Individuals should get proper guidance from trainers or medical experts before using any type of massage. According to some experts, it’s safe and easy if you are skilled and know how to handle a massage gun.

However, for the others it could be dangerous as handling it wrong may increase muscle pain and soreness and ultimately result in damage. It’s advised not to use the massage gun on bony parts, joints, and nerves of the body. While using a massage gun, it is recommended not to use it for long at one particular point. It should not be over 2 minutes and one should not press it hard as it will increase the soreness.


From our findings and recent trends, we can say that Are Massage Guns Worth It In Australia. They help in muscle soreness, inflammations, and lymph control. Massage guns are safe to use at home with proper knowledge as they are handy and easy to use. Also, there is no time specification to use it, one can use it anytime in a day as per his/her convenience.


Are massage guns worth buying?

Massage guns are worthy for individuals suffering from sore muscles, pain, acute body knots, and cramps. They are also helpful for athletes and runners for their pre and post-workout sessions.

Which is the best massage gun to buy in Australia?

There are many brands available in the market with a variety of functions and prices. Some of the best massage guns in Australia are

  • Theragun is in demand because of its high quality.
  • Hypervolt for overall body massage.
  • HoMedics massage gun is popular because of its economical price.
  • Renphro mini
  • TimTam tech massager has a good power battery.
  • Hydragun is for mid-range massage.

Are massage guns effective?

A deep tissue massage gun will help you in recovering from muscle injuries and increase the blood flow which will help in releasing the tension of tissues and provide relaxation.

Are massage guns safe for seniors?

In one word the answer is yes. There is no harm for elderly people by using the massage gun with proper knowledge of its functions and handling.

Are massage guns safe in pregnancy?

As every woman’s condition is different during pregnancy, one should consult her doctor before using massage gun therapy. According to some research, percussive therapy is safe if used on the upper back, shoulder, and neck and avoids lower portions of the body.

Can kids use massage guns?

Most of the massage guns come with package instructions not suitable for kids. That’s why it is recommended that children under the age of 14 should not use the massage gun.

How regular is it to use a massage gun?

One can be worried not to use it on a regular and daily basis. But the answer is completely opposite, there is no harm in using a massage gun daily. It will ease your pain, reduce inflammation and give you relief and better sleep.

How much time should a massage gun be used?

It depends on the severity of your inflammation and soreness, although it is recommended to use a massage gun for a minimum of 20 sec and a maximum of 2-3 minutes.

What is percussive therapy?

Percussive therapy gives relief to the muscles. It heats the soft and deep muscle tissues and increases the blood flow which ultimately reduces effectively the pain and cramps in the body.

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